2nd Chem & Biochem
Students Meeting

15th of July 2022

Faculdade de Ciências da Universidade de Lisboa
Campo Grande, Lisboa


We are very pleased and excited to announce that the Chemistry and Biochemistry Students Meeting (Chem&Biochem) from Departamento de Química e Bioquímica of Faculdade de Ciências da Universidade de Lisboa (FCUL) is back!

The 2nd Chem&Biochem is taking place on the 15th of July 2022 at FCUL (8.2.30 auditorium of C8 building). This meeting aims to stimulate scientific creativity and the exchange of ideas among the students of our department, and, simultaneously, encourage companionship and multidisciplinary work with the establishment of new research collaborations.

PhD students, MSc students, and BSc students working on research projects in chemistry or biochemistry at FCUL are very welcome to present their work at the 2nd Chem&Biochem 2022. Students from other Faculty/Institution/University are also invited to join this meeting and to present their work. There will be prizes for the best communications! 

The program will consist of plenary lectures, oral, flash and poster communications, and a round table about “Communication of Science”.

General public (including Professors, Researchers, Researchers fellows, and Post-Docs) can also join us and get a sneak peek at the ongoing research projects in our department!

Registration is mandatory but free of charge

Prizes will be awarded to the best oral, flash and poster communications!

Round Table

The Organising Committee of Chem&BioChem Students Meeting took the initiative to host a Round Table Discussion on the topic of Communication of Science –  An essential and trending topic in our society nowadays.


PhD Students
Andreia Fortuna | 3rd year in computational chemistry
António Figueira | 1st year in structural biochemistry
Cátia Lopes | 4th year in physical chemistry
Gabriel Martins | 1st year in computational chemistry
Guilherme Moreira | 2nd year in structural biochemistry
Inês Feliciano | 1st year in physical chemistry
Joana Ribeiro | 3rd year in structural biochemistry
João Machado | 4th year in inorganic chemistry
Luís Almeida | 4th year in electrochemistry
Marcos Bento | 1st year in inorganic chemistry
Rafaela Marques | 1st year in inorganic chemistry
Tomás Silva | 4th year in theoretical biochemistry
Vanessa Morgado | 4th year in analytical chemistry 

Ana Cristino | Junior Researcher
Bárbara Henriques | Junior Researcher
Bruno Victor | Junior Researcher
Cristina Oliveira | Assistant Researcher
Hugo Botelho | Junior Researcher
Jaime Coelho | Assistant Researcher
Paulo Costa | Assistant Researcher
Vukosava Torres | Junior Researcher

António Figueira | PhD student
Andreia Valente | Assistant Researcher
Nuno Neng | Junior Researcher 

Miguel Machuqueiro | Assistant Researcher
Paulo Martinho | Assistant Researcher
Tânia Morais | Junior Researcher

Book of Abstracts


Registration is free of charge. However, it is mandatory for all participants, even if no work is presented. This event is open to the general public (including Professors, Researchers and Post-Docs).
After your registration, you will receive an email confirming your registration. If you don’t receive it, please contact us (chembiochem@fc.ul.pt). 
All participants will get a participation certificate validated by the president of department. 
If you wish to cancel your registration, please notify us in advance.
Registration are open until: 27th of May, 2022
                                               Deadline Extension: 3rd of June, 2022
Registration Form

Abstract and Poster Rules

We invite the submission of abstracts for oral, flash or poster communications.
Oral, flash and poster communications will preferably be assigned to PhD, MSc and BSc Students, respectively. All scientific contributions are subject to a peer review process by the Scientific Committee, which reserves the right to change the communication format according to the scientific program.
We also appreciate you to comply with the instructions and deadlines. Your collaboration is important for the success of this event. Please be aware of the following steps.

Prizes will be awarded to the best oral, flash and poster communications.

Authors selected for oral, flash or poster communications will be notified on 1st of July , 2022. 

Only abstracts submitted via the online form (above) will be considered. The abstracts sent by email will not be considered.
The abstract must be in English and should not exceed 300 words.
A figure may be included, however it cannot exceed 1 MB. 
The acknowledgments/funding are limited to 50 words.
Three references can be used according to: [1] Surname, N et al. (2022) J Abbrev, Vol, pages; ...
The abstract submission requires the simultaneous registration at the meeting via the online form (above).

Oral communication: 10 minutes talk + 5 min of questions.
Flash communication: 3 minutes talk + 2 min of questions.
All PowerPoint slides and posters should be written in English.
Poster size should be A0 portrait oriented or width: 80 cm, Length: 120 cm.
We strongly encourage all students selected for oral and flash communications to present their work in English, although it is not mandatory. 


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